The Pho King Legend

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The Great Pho King Legend
Who is the Great Pho King, you may be asking yourself. That is a question that has
been passionately debated over centuries of speculation. Some say the Great Pho King
is a Man. Some say it is a mystical 
vision of truth.  
All agree that the Great Pho King
created most delicious food the world has ever tasted.

When the French colonized Vietnam, a new kind of cuisine rose out of the highland rice
patties that took the world by surprise. The Great Pho King mixed traditional Vietnamese
food with French recipes 
and delivered it to the people on the back of his wagon.

Well, the Vietnamese and French Kings were not happy. The common folk were eating
better than the royalty…Treason!!!! So, they tried to kill him.

For 10 years, soldiers search….but they never found the Great Pho King. Every year,
he got stronger and stronger. More and more people began to eat his delicious fusion food.

Despite royal efforts to destroy all evidence that the Great Pho King ever existed,
the legend 
lives on through stories passed down over the ages.

Now we bring the Great Pho King legend to you….just like the Great Pho King did….straight
to the streets…. But this time on a truck instead of a wagon. It is much cleaner and practical
that way.

Pho King Map